Kids’ voices

Dima (13):

“8 years ago Slavik and Nicole took me into the day care center. At this time I was 6 years old. After starting to attend the center I changed for the better. If it were not for the center I would have ended up on the street or in the internet club. I like the day care center very much, because it gives me a good future.”

Valya (11):

“I like the foundation. If it were not for the foundation, my family would not have a flat to live in. I am very happy to visit the day care center. I like the bible lessons. Our family gets a lot of support.”

Vlad (18):

“I have visited the day care center for 8 years now. During this time my life changed a lot. I enjoy spending time in this place and I have found a lot of new friends.”

Vika (10):

“When I started visiting the center I liked it very much. If it were not for the foundation I and my brother would live in a boarding school. Before I wanted to run away from home and quit school. In the center I got to know Slavik, Nicole, Vika and Sveta. They helped me to choose the right way in my life. Often they buy food for us, that we can take home, so we have something to eat. Thanks’ a lot for that.“

Кristina (15):

“The Living Hope foundation changed my whole life. I like this place very much. Here I can do my home works, talk to other kids. In the center there is a very friendly atmosphere. I like the workers too, who are always ready to help and never blame for anything. In that place I am able to relax. That is very important, because I cannot relax at home.”

Кolya (9):

“Thanks to this foundation I go to school and do my home works. And I made a lot of new friends.”