Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

Together not alone … these are the words we choose to describe the year 2018 at Living Hope NGO. We are thankful for the fellowship and conviviality we experience each single day at our day care centers and with the people we have the privilege to work with. Growing together is exciting and challenging, it shows us our limits and broadens our horizon.

In this annual report we want to look back at the last 12 month with great thankfulness. Our ministry here in Ukraine consists basically of 4 building blocks: the daily work in our three day care centers, support for families facing crisis situations, individual help for people in need because of handicaps or illness and the promotion and support of voluntary service.









The Living Hope day care centers in Odessa and Petrovka

It’s like coming home. The day care center is my second home.

Lena, 15

This year all our day care were well-attended. Up to 120 kids and youngsters are coming regularly to do their home works, cook together, learn and have fun. For many of them it’s the only place where someone meets them with a friendly word, where they get a hot meal and where they find someone who is listening with a loving and attentive attitude. We are so grateful for our team of paid workers and volunteers, and it is a blessing to have former visitors now helping with the daily work. Together we go through the year, celebrating Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving together. We go on holidays together and we enjoy the summer at the Black Sea. We fight for good marks and handle difficult home works. We laugh and cry together. I think therefore Tolik answered my question, how he would describe our centers in one word choosing the word “family”.

2018 we organized a big event for all kids and teenagers every three months. It was our aim to have these convivial experiences not only during the summer, but throughout the year. These moments of became very special for all of us. They help growing relationships beyond the borders of the center they attend. It’s important to us that the kids, youngsters and even parents get to know each other, so they are able to be a part of our big network. These common events are a great tool for that.

Support for families in crisis situations and individual help for people in need

We are so grateful, that our kids attend the day care center. There they learn only good things. Without you and your help and support, it would have been impossible to go though all the hardships we faced during the last years. We are very grateful to God, that he has send you here.

Mother of three children in von Petrovka

One thing that we are very thankful for is that during 2018 a much better contact with many parents was established. A turning point in our work with the mothers and few fathers was the first family camp we organized in June for interested families. In a very open and welcoming atmosphere, everyone could share their concerns, fears and thoughts – relationships grew. After this camp the daily work with the parents has become much more intense, what we are very grateful for. We can see a big difference between the families who try to share the same values as we do and the others, who are not very interested.

Also we could support parents suffering from various serious illnesses practically and with counseling. It happens quite often that children and teenagers have to go through the loss of their parents, due to their alcohol and drug abuse or as a result of other deadly diseases. In this cases it is important for us to establish decent conditions for a dignified life and death and that no one of the family members feels alone during this hard process.

The economical and political situation in Ukraine is still very unstable, and for people with small income it an ongoing challenge to survive. More than in the previous years we had to help families to pay for water, gas, electricity and food, as well as for medicine.


…Living Hope was able to pay an expensive surgery for a nineteen year old, who was born with a major dysplasia. She was suffering great impairments all her life. All went well. Since November she is back in Odessa and in the process of recovery. Many thanks to all who have contributed with their prayers and finances in this project.


…more than 300 boxes filled with Christmas presents made a journey from Germany and Luxemburg to Odessa. During the first two weeks of January we will distribute them during several Christmas celebrations. For some kids it will be the only present they get for Christmas. Thanks to everyone, who has packed a box!

Voluntary service

I have grown, I have changed, have gone through a lot, which has helped me to mature … I would say, this year has added a lot of experience to my life. Now I carry much more new things within me than one year ago – a new culture, new people, challenges that I was able to overcome. New knowledge, also practical knowledge… 

Lea, German volunteer 2018/2019

We are very thankful, that we could host this year young people from Germany in our day care centers for a 12 months voluntary service. Also we have sent nine young Ukrainians to other European countries. – four to Germany, two to the United Kingdom and one to Sweden, Poland and Italy. They are all working in social projects with young people, elderly or people with disabilities. For all these young adults their voluntary year will be a valuable and special time. All of them find it an enriching experience helping for the future. For this reasons we want to develop the voluntary service opportunities in the coming year.


…we want to say to all who supported us in 2018! Our ministry in Ukraine would not be possible without your constant and various help in words and deeds. We are grateful for all your visits, mails, phone calls, prayers and financial gifts!

For 2019 we have great plans. We trust that with God’s help and your support we will continue to create places where children will grow in love and peace and where people in need get adequate help. Together we will reduce the number of lonely people in Ukraine.

In 2019 we wish you God’s rich blessing and may all His plans for your life come to pass!

Yours faithfully,

Slavik and Nicole Borisuk with Rebekka and Sarah together with the kids and workers at Living Hope NGO Odessa & Petrovka.

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