„The German Day“

„The German Day“

Due to the elections the kids were on holiday and we planed something special. On tuesday and wednesday we had a “German Day“ in both centers.

The lunch was like us from southern Germany: „Linsen mit Sp?tzle“ (lentils and swabian noodles). Some of the children could try on their own to make Sp?tzle (thanks to the donators of the squeezing machine we used) or help baking Schneckennudeln. As a part of cultural exchange even Nicole tastes these „exotic dishes“ the first time.

At the beginning the kids were to draw what came to their mind hearing the word „Germany“. Those were especially men wearing leather pants with beer and sausages, Lennart and Nora, German mountains, rivers and automobile marques.

After lunch followed „Viktorina“ (quiz). Three teams played against each other. Their task was to answer questions about Germany. How big is Germany comparing to Ukraine? How is school in Germany? Which public holidays are celebrated in Germany? Is the Oktoberfest more popular than Christmas? Is Kebap a German dish? Another task was to distinguish the German national anthem from the European one or Sportfreunde Stiller from Zaz.

Less challenging but quite entertaining was to watch several „Mausclips“ (German television show for children) that didn’t need any translation. We ourselves were as happy as the children.

See you soon,

Nora and Lennart


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