Short Update #2

Short Update #2


The last week has changed our lives fundamentally. After being woken up by detonations on Thursday (24 February), Slavik and I decided on Friday that I would leave Ukraine together with children and mothers and flee to Germany so that we could support the reception of other refugees and that Slavik would stay in Odessa.

In the meantime, we have transformed the Protestant vicarage in Hermannsdorf, the place where I grew up, into a residential community for 37 people from Odessa and the surrounding area. Other refugees have been accommodated in families. Please pray for a quick and smooth recognition and that some kind of everyday life will return, as far as this is possible under the given circumstances. Slavik, together with other men, is trying to support people in Ukraine.

Our main prayer request is for the safety of the people left behind in Ukraine and a safe journey for those still on their way.

We are grateful for the varied and generous support we receive from all sides. Thank you for all the prayers, material donations and finances.

Sincerely yours,

Slavik and Nicole with the staff and children