Autumn 2023


Annual Report 2022

WAITING WITH LIVING HOPE …   Surrounded by such true and gentle powers Surrounded by such true and gentle powers. So wondrously consoled and without fear, Thus will I spend with you thesefinal hours and then together enter a new year. By gentle powers lovingly surrounded, with patience we’ll endure, let come what may. God…
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Short Update #3

LIVING HOPE ODESSA – HERMANNSDORF Some time has passed since our last update and today we would like to briefly inform you again about how the work of Living Hope NGO in Odessa and in Germany is continuing in these turbulent days. So far we have helped more than 100 people to evacuate – of…
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Short Update #2

LIVING HOPE ODESSA – HERMANNSDORF The last week has changed our lives fundamentally. After being woken up by detonations on Thursday (24 February), Slavik and I decided on Friday that I would leave Ukraine together with children and mothers and flee to Germany so that we could support the reception of other refugees and that…
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Short Update #1

LIVING HOPE ODESSA Back in January, when we were able to distribute over 400 gifts to needy children and senior citizens, we had no idea that the situation in our country would be coming so bad again. But after watching the Russian President’s speech yesterday, it became even clearer to us that at least the…
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Annual Report 2021

Behind every number hides a destiny… On 12.01.2001, the doors of our Day care Centre on Dneprpetrovska Street in Odessa opened for the very first time – at that time for 12 children from families facing great challenges due to poverty, illness, housing shortages and addictions. Since that time, not only has the name of…
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Summer 2021

JOY AND SORROW GO HAND IN HAND IN LIFE There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. The Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

Spring 2021

Remember this. I can do something you can’t do and you can do something, I can’t do. But we both have to do it. Mother Teresa

Annual Report 2020

ONE COMMUNITY – THREE PLACES – MANY STORIES 2020 is coming to an end. A year very different from what we had all planned and expected. Suddenly everyone realises how little we humans actually have in our hands. Basically nothing, because none of us can, as it says in the Bible, “prolong our life even…
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European Solidarity Corps

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – GIVE THE DIGNITY! Since August 2019, Evanjelická diakonia ECAV na Slovensku (Evangelical Diaconia in Slovakia) has been the coordinator of the annual project supported co-financed by the European Union within the volunteer program of the European Solidarity Corps called Make a difference – give the dignity. Since September 2019, we have…
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